COVID-19 Announcement



“ΤΑLOS SHIPYARDS AND MARINE SERVICES – SINGLE MEMBER INDUSTRIAL AND SHIPPING SOCIETE ANONYME” (hereinafter the “Company”) announces that from Monday 22.2.2021 and onwards, individuals who wish to enter the Shipyard’s premises in Elefsina, located in the 27nth kilometer of the Old Athens – Corinth National road, should have undergone a preventive medical examination/molecular test for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), in order to ensure the health of all workers, associates and third parties, the gradual de-escalation of restrictive measures to deal with the pandemic and the continuation of the act of such economic activities in accordance with the procedures of the Shipyard, ships and applicable sanitary protocols.

Α. Entry to the Shipyard’s facilities after COVID-19 examination.

1. Effective from Monday, 22nd of February 2021, upon entering to the premises of the Shipyard all persons must present an identification document (police ID, passport, etc.) and provide a negative molecular test result (PCR) for COVID-19 performed within 24 hours prior to entering the Shipyard and certified by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO). Individuals, entering the premises for the first time, who fail to provide a negative molecular test result (PCR), within the designated deadline, will not be allowed to enter the Shipyard.

2. Effective from Monday, 22th of February 2021, to facilitate those who do not have the appropriate certificates as mentioned in paragraph 1, molecular (PCR) tests for COVID-19 will be performed at the main entrance of the Shipyard Area I in collaboration with the Diagnostic center “GEORGIA PINNA-MOURLA & PARTNERS“ and the distinctive title “LABCARE”-hereinafter the “Diagnostic Center”, based in Piraeus, Attica (30 Mesolongiou and Aetolikou str.- Ag. Dionysios Piraeus, postcode 18545). The PCR test will be performed by medical and nursing staff (a) either in the designated space (doctor’s office) that will operate at the Shipyard’s gate from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., or (b) on the premises of the Diagnostic Center in Piraeus. Similarly, the diagnostic examination can be performed at any other provider of medical-nursing services, certified by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO).

Regarding the PCR test which will be carried out by the Diagnostic Center “LABCARE”, the result will be communicated exclusively to the individual by e-mail, within 24 hours from the time the sample was received. The individual will then be entitled to enter the premises of the Shipyard by presenting at the main entrance his identification document along with the negative PCR test result for COVID-19, according to the procedure described in paragraph 1.

The Company will not be advised of the above correspondence, will not collect data, nor will organize, process, and withhold a file in any way. Kindly note that the Diagnostic Center will inform the NPHO in accordance with the health protocols.

3. After entering for the first time, every employee, associate or third person who wishes to continue entering the facilities of the Shipyard, will need to perform (a) every 3 days a coronavirus rapid test on the spot by the Diagnostic Center in the designated space (doctor’s office), that will operate at the main entrance of the Shipyard in the morning (6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.), and (b) every 10 days a repetition of the medical examination with the molecular method PCR analysis, either at the Diagnostic Center, or at another provider of medical-nursing services, according to the procedures of the Shipyard, the ships and the applicable health protocols.

The Diagnostic Center will deliver the results of the rapid test in approximately ten (10) minutes from the time of sampling, to allow the individual to enter the premises of the Shipyard.

Β. General Guidelines

1. All employees, associates, and visitors are always required to wear non-medical face masks while in the premises of the Shipyard, in accordance with the applicable health protocols.

2.Temperature screening will be conducted at the entrance to all employees, associates, and visitors. If a person’s temperature is greater than 37.4°C, he/she shall be subject to further testing after a period of 10 minutes. If the result is the same the individual will not be allowed to enter the premises.

3. It is mandatory to apply personal hygiene practices, systematic hand hygiene/disinfection, social distancing protocols, avoiding hand contact with the mouth, nose, or eyes to prevent the spread of germs, and avoid close contact in general.

4. It is recommended to hold limited business meetings in person, always complying with the instructions of NPHO, regarding the number of participants allowed and the social distancing required.

5. It is recommended that employees make extensive use of teleconferencing for their collaboration with external partners and generally of all methods of collaboration through electronic platforms that replace physical presence.

6. It is recommended to avoid places of congruence, social gatherings, and mass events, to protect the health of each individual and to hold meetings in accordance with the permissible limits and instructions of NPHO.

7. During employees’ breaks, it is recommended to avoid gatherings without conforming to the safety distances and the instructions of NPHO.

The above measures come into force on Monday, 22 February 2021 and will be modified according to the conditions and the relevant decisions of the Government and NPHO.

On behalf of the Management, «TALOS SHIPYARDS AND MARINE SERVICES S.A.».
Elefsina, 22 February 2021